Prompt: Dick, filmed (group 1)

Watch Blade Runner (1982) via the Films link on the course Sakai site. You may have to install the Google Widevine Media Optimizer plugin for your web browser. If you’d rather not watch on your computer, the film is also on reserve at the Douglass Library media center, where there are viewing rooms.

Watch with the same attentiveness you bring to reading for the course. This means keeping notes, preferably with time codes so you can refer to specific scenes in discussion. Pay attention to the way the film is made and not just what is happening in the story: the movement of the camera, the composition of shots, the timing of cuts, the use of sound and music, and so on. This particular film is celebrated for its visual effects (which are not computer-generated: 1982!), so think about how the science-fictional world is visualized, and, in particular, what difference it makes when SF moves from the print medium to a visual medium. (We can equally say: when SF moves from the marginalized medium of the cheap Ace paperback to the mass medium of the Hollywood film.)

Bloggers: choose a single scene in the film that in some way bears comparison to something specific in Do Androids Dream. Try to think not just about plot details but about some of the questions we’ve discussing that relate to the way the book works. Locate the scene in the film, describe briefly what you notice about it, and write a single paragraph relating it to Dick’s novel.

Entries are due at 5 p.m. on Monday. Group 2 bloggers are of course welcome to join in if they choose.

From class today: images of Edvard Munch’s paintings Puberty (1894) and The Scream (1893) from the Norwegian National Museum.

Author: AG

Associate Professor, Department of English, Rutgers University, New Brunswick