Prompt: Early Pulps (group 2)

First, follow the guided reading assignment. Now let’s think about how pulps might be linked to the other textual worlds we have considered in the course. Choose a specific moment in “The Conquest of Gola” or “The Man from the Atom” which you can usefully compare to Wells, Rokeya, or Zamyatin. Write a paragraph in which you develop the comparison, being as specific as you can about the two texts you discuss. Avoid evaluation (“X is really science fiction but Y is not”); compare how the two texts work. It can be fruitful to think not just about content but about form and style—or about the genre signals within and around the texts as we are studying them.

No mini-essays. I mean it. Group 1 bloggers need not write (but they may). I will check the blogs around 5 p.m. on Monday evening, and I cannot give credit for entries posted after I check.

All class members: if you make discoveries or encounter difficulties as you explore the databases or the scans of pulps, please post them on the blog so that others can share in what you know or want to know! I’ll check in on the site over the weekend. (E-mail works too, of course.)

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