Replicant or Android?

After watching Blade Runner there a few observations I was able to make. For a 1982 film this interpretation of the future was a bit too futuristic considering they were depicting the time period of 2019. However they did a good job of making it look different than the time period the movie was made. For example the cities and locations in the movie displayed a lot of technology in the terms of skyscrapers, screens, lights, space ships and other vehicles that people could fly around in. Even the citizens umbrellas had light up handles for the grey and rainy weather. The sound effects for the movie also went with the scenes featuring a lot of twinkling noises, space like effects, and suspenseful music. One film feature I enjoyed was the timing of the cuts and the movement of the camera throughout the film. The movement would focus on one thing with long shots but then also zoom in to close up shots at the perfect moments to capture the intentsity or drama of a scene. In addition to that the timing of the cuts were done nicely, one scene would be very slow and long but then it would quicly cut to another image keeping the film exciting. All of these things mentioned above display the difference between print-medium and visual medium. While watching Blade Runner I couldn’t help but to think of Phillip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. Within the first five minutes of the movie there are notable similarities. In Blade Runner Replicants are very close to humans but lack emotional feelings just as Androids do in Dick’s novel. During the time frame of 6:10 to 7:30 of Blade runner we can see how Replicants resemble Androids. A detective is asking a man about what he would do if a turtle was struggling to flip back over in a desert to see if it would evoke emotional response. The man was getting annoyed with these questions and when the detective asks him about his mother he decides to shoot him. This is just like the Android’s posing as flesh and blood humans in Dick’s novel where they also posses no sense of empathy wand will just shoot someone without any feelings of remorse or regret. Are androids and replicants the same thing?

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