Questioning Utopias

If one were to define feminism as equality of the sexes, it appears that Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain and Leslie F. Stone may have a different idea. “The Conquest of Gola” and “Sultana’s Dream” both use the idea of a feminist utopia and yet they downplay the male role in their communities. Both “Sultana’s Dream” and “The Conquest of Gola” present men as useless. This is especially evident with Stone who describes the Detaxalans as “Nothing of particular interest, a very low grade of intelligence, to be sure. There was no need of looking below the surface” (1283). This can either be taken as a possible critique as to how men view women and how it needs to change, or that when either sex dominates over another the community suffers for it. Stone’s approach is a bit more overt, as she goes on and on about how the Detaxalans are an inferior race (that happen to be male). Whereas, Hossain invites the reader to question what if the roles were reversed? Would life be better?