The Time Traveller’s Network of Listeners

As ColorlessGreenSheep noted, the National Observer version of the text includes far more dialogue than the book. The characters are changed so that they do not necessarily directly reflect scientific areas, but rather are more representative of the “everyday” man or woman, allowing the discourse to be filled with less scientific terminology and making it more accessible to the general public.  The increased dialogue allows for a certain objectivity; though the time traveler is the only one who has experienced the journey, his story becomes  verifiable when others actively question each detail. The time traveler’s narrative then becomes each character’s as well because they are able to take on his perspective. This is evident when Wells writes, “We have no doubt of the truth of your story, said the red-haired man to him that traveled through time; but there is much in it that is difficult to understand”. When others believe the time-travelers story, then only can it be viewed as a scientific truth.

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