Utilizing Humor Amidst Seriousness

“And there’s another thing about every operation — it wakes up the Zombies a little more, and as its Change Winds die, it leaves them a little more disturbed…that look they give you out of the corner of their eyes as if to say, ‘You again? For Christ’s sake, go away. We’re the dead…Stop torturing us.'” (Lieber 51)

Although Greta is often the voice of humor in this story, it’s in this moment that Bruce–who, throughout the story, is more or less ridiculed for his unfunny nature–takes a moment to offer a moment of humor, despite its dark connotations. He utilizes this in order to give an assumed voice to the Zombies (as he questions whether the Change War is stripping the past too much), and in giving a voice to these beings, brings about another perspective to his argument. The humor he gives to the Zombies’ assumed, metaphorical stance can be seen not only as a way to lift away from the seriousness of his speech, but also as a way to humanize the consequences of the Snake/Spider war. In giving the consequences a human voice and some humor, Bruce only broadens the boundaries of his argument, utilizing humor as a way to broaden the Spiders’ viewpoint and possibly, he hopes, to change some minds about continuation of the war.

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